Portable Under Cabinet Lights LED Motion Sensor Closet Lights Stick on Wireless LED Light Bar ALI88

Portable Under Cabinet Lights LED Motion Sensor Closet Lights Stick on Wireless LED Light Bar ALI88
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Don\'t compare the price with other cheap LED light,We only use approved materials to make the products.Cheap product only the moment you buying is happy,but no day is happy when using,High price,high quality.


Adopt USA Original CREE LED,6063 Aluminum,the quality is approved by customers\'projects.100% inspection before shipment,Offering 3 years warranty.

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10 years

9pcs/Set LED Under Cabinet Lighting Dimmable Mini LED Recessed Showcase Lighting Under Counter Shelf Furniture Kitchen Lights 3W



Item Name:LED Cabinet Light set

Input Voltage:AC85-277V(Non dimmable),AC95-120V/AC195-240V(Dimmable)



Color:Warm white 3000K,Nature White 4000K,Cool White 6000K


Beam angle:25degree



Shape:Mini Round

Lamp size:D35*H35mm

Out cut:30mm

IP Rate:IP42

Applications:Indoor furniture lighting,under counter lighting,wardrobe light,wine rack light,showcase,display cabinet,exhibiton boot light,store shelf light,work-top light,cupboard light,kitchen,bedroom,bathroom,home,hotel,ktv,gallery



warm tips







The LED lamp is mainly composed of 3 parts, aluminum shell,driver,LED.So you should pay attention to these aspects when purchase LED Lamp,then can buy the best cost-effective products.


1.Aluminum shell.All lighting products will generate heat when working,if the heat can not be timely export to escape, it will seriously affect the life of the LED lamp and lighting effect.So the aluminum shell is a very importance part of the lamp,and help to dissipate heat.Then what type of aluminum shell has good heat dissipation?First of all, the purity of aluminum,6063 aviation aluminum is the best choice, not only with beautiful appearance, and heat dissipation capability is strong.But for the large lamp,die casting aluminum also a good choice,so it must be composed of aluminum alloy, For the normal proportion of alloy, heat dissipation is no problem,but some people will add many messy impurities in aluminum alloy to reduce the cost.then the aluminum shell has very poor heat dissipation.So we need check the shell when buying,work fine and smooth shell may be preferred.At the same time,please also check the thickness of aluminum shell,too thin is not good.


(We always use good quality aluminum to make the products,no matter the workmanship and appearance are very good.At the same time,we also try our best to develop the lamp with lower heat.)


2.Driver.LED Driver is very importance part of the lamp,after all,the LED lamp is damaged mainly because of the driver.So you could ask the seller about the parameters of driver,such as output voltage and current,power factor, working temperature and so on.Working voltage of 1W is about 3.2V,Working current is about 320mA.If the current is too large,the lighting decay will very fast,and shorten the life time of lamp.If the driving power factor is too low, such as PF=0.6,thenwill waste energy.At the same time, low power factor,heat of driver will increases,the electronic components are most afraid of is heated, the heating means of electronic components increase their own temperature,it is easy to appear quality problems.For Dimmable driver,good dimming effect driver is much expensive than normal dimming effect driver,normal dimming effect driver is unsatisfactory.So the customers need to be carefully considered when buying.


(Most of our led lamp were adopted High PF>0.9,Pass CE Isolated Driver Or Famousbrand MEAN WELL driver,and most of lamps were used normal non-isolated driver in the market,some drivers even don\'t have IC,at present,many factories use resistance-capacitance driver,but it is not safety and the lamp is very easy to stop working.Of course,the cost is very low.So the cost of good quality driver is much higher than bad driver.)


3.LED Chip.It is the heart of the led lamp.So it is better to choice famous brand led chip,they have high lumens and good CRI,long life time,no matter the performance and stability is guaranteed,at present,there are many brands of led chip,and some factories try their best to reduce the cost,such as using 0.5W chip instead of 1W,using copper wire instead of gold wire when making LED,that will save much cost,but in bad quality.


(We usually use CREE,Bridgelux SUMSUNG,SHARP,OSRAM,EPISTAR LED Chip,they are all famous brand chip and in high quality,we only use approved and real materials.Here,we should remind the customers,because there are many people said they used famous brand led but at very low price,it is not true,for example,1PCS 1-3W CREE led,0.5USD/PCS,adding the cost of aluminum shell and driver,for 3W led spotlight,if using realqualitymaterials,the lowest cost even more than 4USD.So the customers need to be carefully considered when buying.)